The Top 5 Reasons your vehicle didn’t sell at the Auction Last week

  • Priced too high – the old adage “you don’t make $ when you sell the vehicle, you make $ when you buy it” couldn’t be truer. If you are putting over-allowances into units or not paying attention to what the market will bear, you could have a world champion auctioneer selling the trade-in and it still won’t fetch what you need.
  • Didn’t present well – the following is a list of deterrents that cause dealers to bid less on your pieces…clean cars sell, so clean them…some examples are: Smokers car, Dirty, Donut tires, Cracked windshield.
  • Couldn’t get a hold of you – If you aren’t rep’ing your units in the lane or find it hard to be available during the auction, you will be leaving money on the table. Some dealers have limited funds, some dealers are looking at numerous pieces….all dealers want to know & quick responses mean the difference between a ‘no-sale’ & ‘Sold’!
  • Auction didn’t provide a robust market – It’s a reality…if the auction didn’t provide enough or the right eye-balls on the unit…it could be on the $, clean and ready to go, but fail to sell. Talk with your rep about the current market & decide if it was an anomaly or if there is a shift happening.
  • Prejudices have been formed against the make/model of your vehicle – in the lanes, opinions are being formed about vehicles. Here’s a list of some of the problems of so-called “blacklisted” units:
    A. Hard for mechanics to work on
    B. Transmission issues become apparent due to unit being underpowered
    C. Front end issues
    D. Head gasket problems
    E. Timing chain/belts

Hoping all your units are “knee deep in rubber” – Cheers, Sean Liptay

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