The Top 4 Signs that it’s the SPRING Market

  • Tax returns are already starting to flow in. The average refund according to CRA was $1641.00 last year. That’s a nice tidy down payment for a lot of people. Also, 80% of Canadians file online now…they are getting refunded quicker.
  • Demand > Supply – Consignments levels here at TGNA historically, don’t reach post-winter levels until the 3rd or 4th week in March.
  • Restocking – Dealers are starting to replenish inventory levels in time for the retail rush. A lot of independents carry less inventory over the winter months and are eager this time of
    year to get back up to regular levels.
  • Attendance – Registered Bidders both online and in the lanes has been trending upwards marking the beginning of the spring market.

This is almost one of the best times of years to sell….if you’ve been saving up for the Spring market….

Now is the time to pull the trigger!

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