An Independent Dealer’s Wholesale Brand in the Lanes

The hierarchy of desired vehicles in a buying dealers mind, is as follows:

  1. Lease/Fleet units
  2. Franchise dealership units
  3. Bankruptcy units
  4. Bank repo units
  5. Independent dealer units

So how is an independent dealer able to raise his “stock” in the eyes of the buyers?  Be very open and transparent about your units by providing as much information that you have at your disposal.  Putting what you know about the vehicle in a print out for the window, providing vehicle history reports, bringing the unit in with a new inspection, and declaring known issues on every vehicle you list for a wholesale sale.  Do some or all of these things, and you’ll see more bidders step up and make offers based on the vehicle in front of them and not on who is selling it.  It’s a hard road to take, but for the independent that can be the most open and transparent seller in the lanes, the payoff is massive.

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