Seven Deadly Sins of Wholesaling

Wholesaling is alive and well as we know it; let’s keep it that way!  Don’t sabotage your wholesale business; avoid these common deadly sins of wholesaling:

YELLOW – Greed:  Greedy Greg always holds out for a better offer. Your first offer is your best offer!

RED – Wrath:  Walter got burnt and burnt his bridges. Take your lumps, and move on… smarter!

GREEN – Envy:  Envious Evan is upping the ante and trying to compete outside his niche.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, know your market.

PINK – Lust:  Lustful Larry is always falling in love with his inventory. Every unit is a bag of cash, put out the inventory that will sell!

ORANGE – Gluttony:  Garry the Glutton continues to buy more than he can handle. Know your inventory sweet spots!

BLUE – Sloth:  Sam the Sloth takes his wholesale relationships and business practices for granted. Pay attention to details; the small things make all the difference!

PURPLE – Pride:  Proud Peter knows all, and you can’t tell him otherwise. None of the above applies to him…

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