Wholesale Brand – The Buyer’s Benefits

Buyers can create their own wholesale brand, just as sellers can.  Some upsides to having a great wholesale brand on the buying side are:  you’ll get more attention paid to you when something goes wrong, your auction’s reps will work just that little bit more – it is easy to when they always know where you stand.  Selling dealerships commonly work with the buyers with a great wholesale brand by doing “give and takes.”  This means they’ll go with a buyer on a unit at a lower price, as they know the buyers will step up on the unit where the seller needs him to.  You always get the benefit of the doubt with auctioneers and more importantly, auctioneers respect the bidders who make their job easier.

A good Wholesale Buying Brand has massive benefits.  My favourite line to try to make an “if bid” happen is “he’s a good buyer if you can make it happen…”  I only use it if it’s true but it sure works.

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