Registration Transfers: Don’t Assume Anything

Here’s why we have full-time staff ensuring every registration is transferred:

  • New Brunswick doesn’t have a tear-away section – NS, PEI, QC, ON all have the ability to “tear” a reg, one side for the buyer & the other for the seller to send in stating that “I’ve sold this unit to this buyer”. NB is still behind in this feature, you can either ensure yourself that it’s been done or leave it up to the buyer.
  • Different Scenarios – American, public, out-of-province buyers, repossessions, bankruptcy cases, lease returns, trade-ins, estates units, – we sell them all on a weekly basis…In fact, we brought different situations up to SNB that weren’t covered when the new system was put in place last year.
  • It’s the Last thing to worry about – you are way too busy to worry about whether your vehicles sent to auction or wholesaled are being changed out of your name.
  • You get more $ because we transfer all registrations- Dealerships, in the past, have taken plates off vehicles sent to auction to combat the lack of policy….buyers in the lane quickly calculate the cost of new plates & the last thing you want when your vehicle is on the block is a disincentive to bid. Our sellers feel confident and leave them on. Our Buyers know we’ll have their reg…we exceed 85% turnaround every week.

Hoping all your units are “knee deep in rubber” – Cheers, Sean Liptay

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