5 Subtle Items to Look for When Walking a Unit

Besides the normal obvious items that are covered when you are asked to “walk” an appraisal or wholesale vehicle for a dealer who isn’t there in person. Here is a list of concerns that, though they may not make or break a deal they definitely can point to the type of life a vehicle has had:

  • Is there a trailer hitch? Does one make sense for the vehicle? A compact car sporting a 2” hitch on the back is cause for concern
  • Brand of tires – more pricey brands probably means a well maintained vehicle
  • Winter/Summer tires with it….if they were conscientious enough to throw the extras tire in…they were probably aware enough to have vehicle maintained correctly
  • Bumper stickers, air fresheners, fuzzy dice Etc…make me nervous
  • What’s on the radio pre-set buttons? Find me a car that has the classical music radio stations pre-tuned in…and I’ll show you a car that was driven thoughtfully

Obviously the lack of these items isn’t a show stopper, but any combination of them has always made me more comfortable attesting to the quality of the vehicle.

Hoping all your units are “knee deep in rubber” – Cheers, Sean Liptay

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